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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Ascent Counseling, PLLC does not provide “on-call” emergency services. If you are in acute psychiatric crisis (defined as imminent risk of harm to self or others), you have three options:

• Call 911 • Go to your nearest Emergency Department • Call your local mental health emergency service

Please be aware that Ascent Counseling, PLLC has no control over what actions are taken if you contact any of the above providers. We will make ourselves available to these providers for consultation, but cannot guarantee this offer will be accepted.

For all other emergencies, please call 603.319.4512. I am available on weekends and after-hours for emergency calls. If I do not answer the phone, please leave a message with the following information:

• Name of caller • Name of client (if different than caller) • The date, time and your location • State that you are calling regarding a psychiatric emergency • Briefly state the nature of your emergency • A phone number where you can be reached

Emergency calls will be returned as soon as possible. If you have not received a call back within 2 hours, please call again.

DO NOT CONTACT US VIA EMAIL OR TEXT MESSAGE REGARDING AN EMERGENCY. Use of email or text messages to communicate a psychiatric emergency will be grounds for terminating services.

Frequent emergency phone calls may indicate that you require a higher level of care that Ascent Counseling, PLLC can provide. If so, we will work with you to transfer your care to a more appropriate provider who can meet your treatment needs.

Fees & Insurance
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Do you accept insurance?

Yes. Ascent Counseling accepts Anthem BC/BS and NH Medicaid. For out of network insurances, we will provide you with the necessary documentation to seek reimbursement from your insurance company directly.

Do you have a sliding scale or payment plan option?

Alternative payment arrangements, including a reduced fee option, can be made on an individual basis due to financial hardship.

What ages do you treat?

Ascent Counseling primarily services older adolescents and adults. However, we do accept referrals for individuals as young as 10 on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you are seeking services for your child.

Do you provide court-ordered therapy?

No. We do not have the capacity to provide such specialized services at this time.

Do you provide Disability Assessments?

No. We do not have the capacity to provide such specialized services at this time.

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Do you prescribe medications?

Ascent Counseling does not have a psychiatric prescriber on staff. However, we believe strongly that medication can be a necessary part of any behavioral health treatment plan. If you have a current prescriber, we will collaborate closely with them to ensure continuity of care. If you are not currently prescribed medication, but would like to explore this option, we will assist you in the referral process.

Can you recommend which medication(s) I should take?

Only a licensed medical practitioner can make recommendations regarding medications. Your therapist can provide education regarding the different types of psychiatric medication and how they work to address your particular symptoms. They can also help you to discuss your medication needs with your prescriber.

I am worried about getting addicted to medication. What should I do?

If you are taking a medication that has a dependency profile, your therapist will work with you and your prescriber to address any concerns you may have about addiction, including referring you to a substance abuse counselor for specialized treatment if appropriate.

I am opposed to psychiatric medications. Will I be forced to take medication if I start therapy?

No. While we believe psychiatric medication can be an important part of treatment for serious mental health concerns, it is by no means the only option. Ascent Counseling recognizes your right to self-determination in treatment. If we believe you could benefit from medication, we will inform you of our clinical recommendations, but cannot force you to accept this recommendation. Only in very rare and extreme situations would we be unwilling to continue therapy if an individual refused to take psychiatric medication.

What is your stance on psychiatric medication for kids?

The choice to use psychiatric medications with children is a decision that can only be made between parents, their child, and a licensed medical provider. There are risks and benefits particular to children that must be considered, and we are not qualified to make any recommendations as a result. We strongly recommend that families get themselves educated prior to making a decision either way, and work with a trusted medical provider that can assist them in evaluating their options.
General Questions
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What are your office hours?

Office hours are considered 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday. Appointments are available outside of regular office hours, but availability is limited and not guaranteed. Please indicate your need for evening or weekend appointment times during your consultation phone call.

I've never been to therapy before. What should I expect?

When you contact Ascent Counseling, you will first have a 30 minute consultation phone call to discuss your particular treatment needs and if we can assist you. If you choose to receive services from Ascent Counseling, we will schedule you for an initial Intake Assessment appointment, which is typically 90 minutes in duration. For more information, please visit our Resources section and watch our video entitled: Your First Appointment.

Do you provide DBT?

A traditional DBT program is highly intensive and includes both individual therapy, individual skills coaching and group skills coaching. Ascent Counseling is not able to offer a complete DBT program at this time. We can provide individual DBT therapy if you are in a DBT program with another provider. We do require that you sign a release of information so that we can communicate with the rest of your treatment team, and be allowed to participate in weekly treatment team meetings to ensure continuity of care.

Do you offer ____________ therapy?

Please refer to our outpatient services contract, available here, for details on our services.

I’m worried about a friend/spouse/family member. Can I schedule an appointment for them?

While we appreciate your desire to help, we cannot schedule a consultation phone call through a third party. Therapy is more effective when the individual is motivated to make necessary changes. If you are concerned about someone, we encourage you to assist the person in contacting us for a consultation phone call. Please understand that privacy laws preclude us from acknowledging who is receiving services from us unless the individual has signed a release of information. You can read more about our privacy and confidentiality practices here and here. Requesting services can be done right from our website here. If you would like further assistance on how to assist your loved one, please contact us here.

I am a provider and would like to make a referral. What is the best way to do this?

Please contact us here. You can also access our release of information form here.
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