A New School Year

Summer is coming to a close and for parents this means kids returning to school. For many kids, the new school year is met with both trepidation and excitement, as they have to adapt to multiple changes; a new teacher, new classroom (or even school), new routines and new peers. This can be a stressful time for families as everyone adjusts to the changes. There are many excellent online resources for parents to assist them with this change, such as pbsparents. If your child is nervous about school, remember to validate and normalize their fears. Encourage them to talk about their feelings using “I feel” statements. Maintain a regular daily routine before and after school, including having them spend time with their friends. At the end of the school day, be enthusiastic about learning what they did that day in school. If possible, spend some time with your child in their classroom exploring the space and learning about their daily routine. Some children take longer to make the transition and may need extra support. If your child continues to struggle adjusting to school after several weeks, talk with their teacher or guidance counselor. They can assist in helping your child feel comfortable and confident as they start the new school year.